Supergirl’s Might # 1 – Earth Born Angel

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The review of Peter David’s epic Supergirl series is finally here! In depth summary and review of Supergirl # 1. The show also includes a history of Matrix and post crisis Supergirl.


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4 Responses to Supergirl’s Might # 1 – Earth Born Angel

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  3. Mike Poteet says:

    I enjoyed your review of Peter David’s Supergirl #1, especially the overview of Matrix Supergirl’s history. While I can’t deny Dan Didio’s stated reason for undoing that continuity – namely, because “Superman’s cousin” is a far simpler concept to grasp – I don’t think Matrix is all that confusing an idea. (The various angels, though, I founda little more challenging… Of course, now it’s all moot!) Have you read the 4-issue “Supergirl” miniseries where Supergirl learns the truth about Lex? It’s a good story – I recommend it.

    I really wish David’s material would be adapted to a Supergirl film. It reads very cinematically as is, and I bet a really strong screen story could be developed from David’s scripts. I just hit issue 50 and am also enjoying how David “rebooted” his own series at that point. If not his stories, then I hope we get a new, far better Supergirl movie someday.

    I definitely agree, David’s series isn’t right for the young ones. If you haven’t already discovered the new “Superman Family Adventures” from Johnny DC, you should check it out for sharing with your neice. My 4-yr-old daughter an 10-yr-old son both enjoyed the premiere issue (and I did, too, for that matter!). Supergirl has a nice moment with Jimmy Olsen in the first issue.

    Again, a nice episode… looking forward to more!

    • Danny says:

      Thanks for the listen. Glad you liked it. I havn’t read the “Supergirl” mini series. Was that the series that came out right before the Peter David series? I heard that was a pretty good series.

      I completely agree with you on the Supergirl movie idea. I think out of all the Supergirl adaptations there have been, Peter David’s would be the best one to transform to the big screen. It would be dark, edgy, and not the typical Supergirl that people are used to. I tweeted an article that the WB is considering a Supergirl movie. Based on the success of The New 52 Supergirl, and the fact that she has such a huge fan base, the WB would be stupid that not consider it. But then again, we’re still waiting for the Wonder Woman movie. A Supergirl movie or TV show is definetly needed, to make up for the weak story and script of the Supergirl movie back in 1984. Thank heavens for Helen Slater though!

      I havn’t read the “Superman Family Adventures” yet, but I’ve read a few issues of “Supergirl Cosmic Adventures in the Eighth Grade”. It’s a really cute story, and great for kids.

      Thanks again for listening to the show, and hopefully, I won’t ever disappoint. :)

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