The Kara Zor-El Podcast # 5 – The Banshee Effect

Kara Zor-El Podcast

The Silver Banshee has arrived to DC Comic’s New 52! This episode reviews Supergirl #9. How does Kara deal with the magic of Silver Banshee, and her father, the Black Banshee, and why does Kara always seem to find a fight everywhere she goes?

Get all the goods on this year’s Ottawa Comic Convention, some exciting news about the Kara Zor-El Podcast (I’m go weekly), and find out what Adam Baldwin is really like. I talk Game of Thrones, original Supergirl art, and a few shout outs to some friends.

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5 Responses to The Kara Zor-El Podcast # 5 – The Banshee Effect

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  2. chrisdvanne says:

    Great podcast as usual!

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  4. Mike Poteet says:

    I just got around to reading #9 yesterday, and I really enjoyed it! A good, old-fashioned, action-packed (and some fun along the way) superhero adventure. And, as you point out in your review, there is some attention to character development. You make a good point that it might have been nice to see Kara and Shioban’s relationship grow more; on the other hand, I find Kara’s desperation for a friend convincing, and the fact that Shioban is so friendly and confident and even speaks Kara’s language (wonder what Kryptonian with an Irish accent sounds like?) makes me “buy” the quick friendship pretty easily. And I do like the twst that, at least so far in this iteration, Silver Banshee is Kara’s friend, and not a foe. I wonder how long that will last (not indefinitely, I assume…!)

    • Danny says:

      Kara and Siobhan definitely have a lot of similar characteristics. There both orphans in their own right, and both have had their lives go down very difficult paths. I completely agree that, because of those factors, it is highly plausible that they could be BFFs. The fact that Siobhan can speak Krptonian is a huge plus too. FYI, I’m starting to wonder now what an Irish accent would sound like speaking Krptonian :). I really wouldn’t mind if they stay friends for a long time. Kara has already made so many enemies. Having a friend to confined it would really add another element to her character.

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