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Esquire recently put out a great, and intimate, interview with Laura Vandervoort as part of their Me In My Place series. Seeing how Laura is so connected to Supergirl (she played the Maiden of Might in TV’s Smallville), I wanted to share the interview with all the Supergirl fans out there, as well as a pretty funny video she did for the spot, and some very beautiful pictures.

Laura has always been one of my favorite actresses to watch. Her performance in Smallville is one of the main reasons I started this Supergirl site, and why I have such a passion for Kara Zor-El as a character. But even before Smallville, living here in Ottawa, Canada, I’ve had the pleasure of watching Laura as Sadie Harrison on CTV’s Instant Star back in 2004. I have also seen her in countless movies she’s done, such as Desperately Seeking Santa, This Means War , Into the Blue 2: The Reef, and Damage. Of course, who can forget her as Lisa, the lizard princess from V.

Laura was a regular during season 7 of TV’s Smallville, and played the role of Kara Zor-El/Supergirl. She also reprised her role of Supergirl during the 8th episode in season 8 entitled Bloodline, as well as episodes 3 and 20 of season 10 entitled Supergirl and Prophecy.

Here’s the interview with Laura from Me In My Place by Esquire:

I was born in Toronto, North York. And my family still lives there. Actually, at a couple of weeks old, I contracted meningitis — I was very sick for a few months of my life. They didn’t think I was going to make it, and it was a whole — it was tough for my parents. But I did make it.

Before I started acting,I had been doing martial arts most of my life. Martial arts and school was all I really knew; by the time I was 18, I had my second-degree black belt. So I was very, very serious and strict. And I was the same way in school. I didn’t party. You know, straight A’s.

At some point I realized I wanted to try acting, try something that was a little more freeing than what I’d been doing. And my parents let me when I was younger, and so I did martial arts and acting at the same time, and I started working a lot in Canada, doing kids series, like Goosebumps and Are You Afraid of the Dark?

In school, they called me “Goosebumps.” But that’s girls being, you know, whatever. So I was okay. I’d go to the dojo and kick the shit out of the pads with my anger and move on.

Then the acting took off a little bit: I ended up on a Canadian series called Instant Star for four years, while I was in school, and at university as well. I had to back off of the martial arts, because I wasn’t able to teach at the dojo the amount that you’re supposed to, because I was working. So I put all my focus into school, and then Instant Star, and then school kind of took a back burner, and eventually I got on Smallville and did the two shows at the same time.

I ended up sticking around Smallville for a few years, and then right into V. My family’s, you know — we moved out to L.A. when Vended, and I’ve been working on a few features since. It’s a progressive thing.

My mom, it brings tears to her eyes. She’s so funny. She’s like, “You went from almost not being with us to being Supergirl. I’m so proud of you.” I’m just like, oh my God.

I obviously don’t remember those days in the hospital — but, I mean, I was paralyzed, and they thought I’d be deaf and blind. They were supposed to give me a medication that might make me blind, but my parents said, “Could you wait till tomorrow? We just want to see if her temperature goes down.” And then apparently my temperature went down, they didn’t give me the medication. And now I can see.

Growing up, I was such a tomboy. I hated that I was going to be a girl and, you know, grow into myself. So I didn’t personally like being girly. Now I appreciate it, but I didn’t want to do gymnastics, which is why I went right into the martial arts. A big part of that came from watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the movie. I loved Kristy Swanson. I was obsessed with her. Actually, recently, I went to the roast of Charlie Sheen and sat beside her, and I couldn’t say a word to her. I just stared.

I actually wrote a letter to Joss Whedon, too, when the Buffy television show came out, about how I wanted to be her sister. He never got back to me, but I auditioned for him yeas later, and I told him. I’m like, “I wrote you a letter.” He’s like, “I think I remember that.”

I’ve lived in Canada throughout all of my shows. And literally just under a year ago, when V ended and I finished Ted and This Means War, I moved out here, to L.A. I’m committing to L.A. right now. And I think I’m slowly adjusting; it’s getting easier.

I recently discovered Thai last night. I’m not that interesting. The longer this interview goes on, the more I realize that I’m not that interesting.

Well, here’s something people might not know. I just started drinking. I probably sound pathetic. I was never really into drinking before, until I met someone who introduced me to red wines. Now I really appreciate a good red wine. Something must have triggered that. Wait. L.A. triggered that.


Pictures from the Esquire’s Me In My Place – Photo Shoot


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