Girl of Steel Fan Film

Supergirl Fan Film Girl of Steel

So it seems that good old Saint Nick finally answered my letters (all be it, a bit late), and brought us all a brand new Supergirl fan film to seek our teeth into, and remind us why we love this character so much. Last year ended with fan films Supergirl: Stranger in a Strange Land and Supergirl: Endurance setting the standard of Supergirl fan made films. Eight days into 2014, and we’re treated to a Supergirl fan film that has the potential to set the bar even higher. The fan film, appropriately named, Girl of Steel, is a film starring Sarah McCreanor, Jill Louise Penfold & Mike Tribby, and is directed by Vincent Tran, and produced by Michael Leblanc.

The clip below, which was released on January 5th, has Kara being asked by the CIA to assist with the impending invasion of Earth. According to their YouTube page, “Girl of Steel is a conceptual fan film based on DC Universe/Comics heroine, Supergirl. We wanted to produce a short story that empowers female role models. The Girl of Steel isn’t just a superhero, but a freedom fighter inherited in all young women.”

As a Supergirl fan, and as a fan of film, I absolutely loved this short clip, and the story behind it. Besides a fantastic storyline, the fight scene looked very well choreographed, great musical score, and the acting was stellar. I personally cannot wait for the release of this film, which is set to premiere at Boston Comic Con on August 8-10, 2014. Stayed tuned to the Supergirl Homepage for more updates in the coming months.

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