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Supergirl & The Bloody Traces Of Stargirl

After the successes of the Supergirl Underwater Fan Films Supergirl in the Watery Trap, and Supergirl: Endurance, Jonathan Rios, and WON-TV YouTube Network/Jimbo-Fail Exchange Productions, give us another Supergirl film that pits Supergirl in what could be her toughest battle yet, a blood thirsty Stargirl. The film stars Jac LeDoux as Supergirl and Lauren Kisner as Stargirl (a fictional type of Supergirl character but has more weakness than Supergirl) and Amy Christine as U.S Military federal Agent Melissa Bennett. Here’s the official storyline behind Supergirl & The Bloody Traces Of Stargirl.


Girl of Steel Prequel – Behind the Scenes

Supergirl to me has always been a character I’ve been passionate about. That’s one of the reasons I started this site and the Kara Zor-El Podcast. To give her a voice, and to get people to understand what an amazing and deep character she is. So you can imagine, being such a huge fan and loving this character so much, how it felt to be on set during the filming of an actual Supergirl film, the Girl of Steel.

I didn’t know what to expect when I got to L.A. for the filming of the Girl of Steel prequel, but being “excited” to be seeing this film being produced first hand would be an understatement. After seeing the quality and passion of the initial Girl of Steel film, I knew what director Vincent Tran, Sarah McCreanor, and the rest of the cast and crew were capable of, and that’s telling a great and emotional story.

What people who don’t know Supergirl fail to understand is that she’s not just Superman’s cousin, or a Kryptonian with special powers, she’s a girl trying to find her way in the universe. Someone who’s lost, misguided at times, and alone. But despite all these feelings, she overcomes them to be a stronger force for good, and it’s that internal conflict that makes Kara Zor-El such an endearing, emotional, and complex character.

Sarah McCreanor Feature Interview

Supergirl Sarah McCreanor Featurette

I’ve always believed that Supergirl was more then a comic book character. That’s one of the main reasons I started this site and the Kara Zor-El podcast. Not only to review her adventures, but to get rid of any preconceived notions people my have about her as only Superman’s cousin, or a sex object. She’s so much more. She’s an icon, a message, and it’s important that people get that, and understand it.

That’s primarily why I love Supergirl fan films so much. Because they’re not made to make money, or for profit. They’re made by people such as myself that love and have a true passion for this character. Supergirl: Stranger in a Strange Land and the Girl of Steel are perfect examples of that, and why I wanted to be part of the Girl of Steel fan films.

If you haven’t seen the Girl of Steel, go watch it now on Vimeo Here’s a great feature with Sarah McCreanor on what it means to her to play the iconic Kara Zor-El in the film. Couldn’t say it better myself Sarah.

Girl of Steel (2014) Featurette HD – Sarah McCreanor from vincent tran on Vimeo.


Girl of Steel Prequel with Special Executive Producer

Some things are just not meant to be kept under wraps. I’m so proud to announce because of the amazing success of the trailer clip we got from the Girl of Steel fan film, director Vincent Tran is now in development of a sneak prequel for the film. Furthermore, I myself will be an executive producer on the film, and will be on location during filming. The film will be shown at select screenings and comic conventions later this year.

I am so excited and honored to be part of this project, and can’t wait till you guys see what we have lined up. Stay connected to the Supergirl Homepage for constant updates on this project.


Girl of Steel Interview with Vincent Tran and Sarah McCreanor

I don’t think anyone can deny that the Supergirl fan film, Girl of Steel, looks pretty incredible. Last week I was granted a fantastic opportunity to sit down with the the director/writer and star of the Girl of Steel Fan Film, Vincent Tran and Sarah McCreanor, to talk about their film and the character of Supergirl. Both Vincent and Sarah were fantastic to talk with, and I loved the direction and the motives behind this incredible film.

Supergirl is a character that deserves a lot more recognition and respect as a hero, not just as someone who stands up for justice, but a role model for woman everywhere.Ā  Vincent, Sarah, and everyone associated with this film should be commended on creating a heroine that’s strong, independent, and courageous. I for one do hope we see a lot more of what Vincent Tran has in store for this character, not to mention what Sarah can do with her talents and abilities. Here’s hoping for more of the Girl of Steel.

Here’s a look behind the scenes. For more behind the scenes look, and keep up to date with the Girl of Steel, Like on Facebook. Follow Vincent Tran on his YouTube channel for more upcoming projects..

Like Sarah McCreanor on Facebook, and check out some of her incredible dance videos at

Supergirl Fan Film Girl of Steel

Girl of Steel Fan Film

So it seems that good old Saint Nick finally answered my letters (all be it, a bit late), and brought us all a brand new Supergirl fan film to seek our teeth into, and remind us why we love this character so much. Last year ended with fan films Supergirl: Stranger in a Strange Land and Supergirl: Endurance setting the standard of Supergirl fan made films. Eight days into 2014, and we’re treated to a Supergirl fan film that has the potential to set the bar even higher. The fan film, appropriately named, Girl of Steel, is a film starring Sarah McCreanor, Jill Louise Penfold & Mike Tribby, and is directed by Vincent Tran, and produced by Michael Leblanc.

The clip below, which was released on January 5th, has Kara being asked by the CIA to assist with the impending invasion of Earth. According to their YouTube page, “Girl of Steel is a conceptual fan film based on DC Universe/Comics heroine, Supergirl. We wanted to produce a short story that empowers female role models. The Girl of Steel isn’t just a superhero, but a freedom fighter inherited in all young women.”

As a Supergirl fan, and as a fan of film, I absolutely loved this short clip, and the story behind it. Besides a fantastic storyline, the fight scene looked very well choreographed, great musical score, and the acting was stellar. I personally cannot wait for the release of this film, which is set to premiere at Boston Comic Con on August 8-10, 2014. Stayed tuned to the Supergirl Homepage for more updates in the coming months.

Watch the premiere clip from “Girl of Steel”

Supergirl Stranger in a Strange Land

The Journey of Supergirl: A Stranger in a Strange Land

Back in August, I had the pleasure of interviewing Walter C. Jones, the visionary and creator of the fan film Supergirl: Stranger in a Strange Land. Today, his vision of all his hard work has paid off, as his film was finally was released for the whole world to see. Although the Supergirl Homepage got an exclusive look at the draft of the film back in August, it wasn’t nearly as polished and refined as the finished product. The finished product being a collective of passion, impressive special effects, and a genuine storyline worthy of Supergirl.


Supergirl’s Endurance Will Be Tested

A few weeks ago, I posted an article of a Supergirl fan film titled Supergirl in the Watery Trap. The film was only released a week ago, but has garnered more then 2500 views on YouTube. Thanks to the resound success already from the film, the creator, Jonathan Rios, along with Chaos House Videos, is already in the planning stages for a sequel, titled Supergirl: Endurance. The film stars Jac Deloux once again as the Maiden of Might, in a battle of endurance with a “rogue” Green Lantern. The official description is below.

Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 10.11.08 PM

The Making of a Supergirl Fan Film

The only thing better then a fan made film, is a fan made film about Supergirl. That’s where Walter C. Jones comes in. As SHP posted back in April, Mr. Jones has been working on a Supergirl fan film titled Supergirl: Stranger in a Strange Land. With the film almost completed, Mr. Jones was kind enough to not only sit down with me for an exclusive interview, but to show off some spectacular behind the scenes shots.

As a lucky viewer who got to pre-screen the film, I can honesty say it is one of the best fan films out there. Kara’s emotional journey throughout the film is only enhanced with her intrigue, curiosity, and fascination with the planet Earth. It is truly a film for every Supergirl fan out there. Check out my exclusive interview below with Mr. Jones, and all the exciting behind the scenes shots as well.

Keep up to date with all the news from Supergirl: Stranger in a Strange Land from the official site, and follow on Facebook right here.


Supergirl in The Watery Trap

Although there is no Supergirl motion picture in our near future, that doesn’t stop talented filmmakers from telling stories about our favorite Kryptonian. The latest one, comes from creator Jonathan Rios. The fan made video is in the development stage, and is to be filmed and developed by Chaos House Videos. Below is the official plot of the story.

“The plot of the story is that Supergirl is summoned to the villains lair and doesn’t realized that she has walked into a trap. A “Watery Trap!” That’s when things get interesting and she ends up in the pool, struggling and drowning underwater due to a villain putting a kryptonite Necklace around her.”