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Sarah McCreanor Feature Interview

Supergirl Sarah McCreanor Featurette

I’ve always believed that Supergirl was more then a comic book character. That’s one of the main reasons I started this site and the Kara Zor-El podcast. Not only to review her adventures, but to get rid of any preconceived notions people my have about her as only Superman’s cousin, or a sex object. She’s so much more. She’s an icon, a message, and it’s important that people get that, and understand it.

That’s primarily why I love Supergirl fan films so much. Because they’re not made to make money, or for profit. They’re made by people such as myself that love and have a true passion for this character. Supergirl: Stranger in a Strange Land and the Girl of Steel are perfect examples of that, and why I wanted to be part of the Girl of Steel fan films.

If you haven’t seen the Girl of Steel, go watch it now on Vimeo Here’s a great feature with Sarah McCreanor on what it means to her to play the iconic Kara Zor-El in the film. Couldn’t say it better myself Sarah.

Girl of Steel (2014) Featurette HD – Sarah McCreanor from vincent tran on Vimeo.


Girl of Steel Interview with Vincent Tran and Sarah McCreanor

I don’t think anyone can deny that the Supergirl fan film, Girl of Steel, looks pretty incredible. Last week I was granted a fantastic opportunity to sit down with the the director/writer and star of the Girl of Steel Fan Film, Vincent Tran and Sarah McCreanor, to talk about their film and the character of Supergirl. Both Vincent and Sarah were fantastic to talk with, and I loved the direction and the motives behind this incredible film.

Supergirl is a character that deserves a lot more recognition and respect as a hero, not just as someone who stands up for justice, but a role model for woman everywhere.  Vincent, Sarah, and everyone associated with this film should be commended on creating a heroine that’s strong, independent, and courageous. I for one do hope we see a lot more of what Vincent Tran has in store for this character, not to mention what Sarah can do with her talents and abilities. Here’s hoping for more of the Girl of Steel.

Here’s a look behind the scenes. For more behind the scenes look, and keep up to date with the Girl of Steel, Like on Facebook. Follow Vincent Tran on his YouTube channel for more upcoming projects..

Like Sarah McCreanor on Facebook, and check out some of her incredible dance videos at

Supergirl Stranger in a Strange Land

The Journey of Supergirl: A Stranger in a Strange Land

Back in August, I had the pleasure of interviewing Walter C. Jones, the visionary and creator of the fan film Supergirl: Stranger in a Strange Land. Today, his vision of all his hard work has paid off, as his film was finally was released for the whole world to see. Although the Supergirl Homepage got an exclusive look at the draft of the film back in August, it wasn’t nearly as polished and refined as the finished product. The finished product being a collective of passion, impressive special effects, and a genuine storyline worthy of Supergirl.

Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 10.11.08 PM

The Making of a Supergirl Fan Film

The only thing better then a fan made film, is a fan made film about Supergirl. That’s where Walter C. Jones comes in. As SHP posted back in April, Mr. Jones has been working on a Supergirl fan film titled Supergirl: Stranger in a Strange Land. With the film almost completed, Mr. Jones was kind enough to not only sit down with me for an exclusive interview, but to show off some spectacular behind the scenes shots.

As a lucky viewer who got to pre-screen the film, I can honesty say it is one of the best fan films out there. Kara’s emotional journey throughout the film is only enhanced with her intrigue, curiosity, and fascination with the planet Earth. It is truly a film for every Supergirl fan out there. Check out my exclusive interview below with Mr. Jones, and all the exciting behind the scenes shots as well.

Keep up to date with all the news from Supergirl: Stranger in a Strange Land from the official site, and follow on Facebook right here.


Molly Quinn Talks Supergirl/Superman Relationship

Here’s the latest interview with Molly Quinn on here portrayal of Supergirl in Superman: Unbound. In the interview Molly talks about the relationship between Superman and Supergirl and talks a little bit about what she likes about the character of Supergirl and what she likes most about the script for Superman: Unbound.


Supergirl to the Rescue – Superman: Unbound Clip & Interviews

May 7th could not get here any sooner. The trailer for the new DC Animated movie Superman: Unbound looked great, but a clip with Supergirl looks even better!

They’re were some fantastic interviews that came out of this year’s Wondercon, including a few from the voice of Supergirl herself, Molly Quinn. In the interviews, Molly talks about what it meant to voice such an iconic character, and what she hopes the fans will get out of the film.


Supergirl Voices

Here’s another interview with the beautiful Supergirl from Smallville, Laura Vandervoort. Interview is from this year’s Dallas Comic Con. In the interview, Laura talks about her new movie Ted, and her voice roles on Family Guy and Activision‘s Spider-Man: Edge of Time video game. Interview by Jason Hunt of

Superman Batman Apocalyse

Superman/Batman: Apocalypse – Tim Daly on Superman’s Mission

Tim Daly, the iconic voice of Superman in Superman/Batman: Apocalypse, gives a brief interview on Superman’s feelings, and his mission, on helping Supergirl. Some of Tim Daly’s popular voice acting roles for the Man of Steel include Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, and Superman: The Animated Series.

Summer at the Con

Summer Glau at Dallas Comic-Con 2012

If seeing Laura Vandervoort wasn’t enough to make me wish I was in Dallas this past weekend for Comic Con, Summer Glau will certainly do it. It was the first and only meeting between the two Supergirls. Below is a panel that Summer did at the Con. During the panel, Summer talked about her career, Joss Whedon, and being River Tam.


Laura Vandervoort Interview with WRA

Here’s another interview with Laura Vandervoort (Twitter @Vandiekins22) from Dallas Comic Con 2012. In the interview, Laura talks about her upcoming film Ted, her co-star in the movie, Mark Wahlberg, and has a message for all her fans. Interview is by Charlie Vann of Wide Range Appeal (Twitter @widerangeappeal)