Argo City Reviews: Action Comics #284

“The Strange Bodies of Supergirl.” Supergirl remains under influence of last issue’s Red Kryptonite encounter. With three reamining effects to go, she decides to pass the time by going back to the fair. There, she sees the freak show, and then grows a second head. With one Linda head and one Supergirl head, Supergirl is invited to join the freak show, but she leaves the fair and flies away where no one can see her. She notices a bomber accidentally dropping an H-bomb, and she flies it away where it can’t harm anyone. Then the second head disappears, and Linda returns home. There, she suddenly develops “fatal vision,” killing her pet goldfish, her adoptive parents, and even Krypto. She flies into space to get away from people, and encounters alien monsters, which attack her. She uses her fatal vision to destroy them, but then wakes up, and realizes the whole event was just a Red K hallucination. The last Red K event happens when Supergirl blows rain-clouds to an area experiencing drought, but then turns into a mer-maid. She flies back to her friends Lori and Jerro in Atlantis, where Jerro asks her to marry him, upsetting Lori’s sister Lenora, who is also in love with Jerro. Lenora swims away, only to be caught in a field of giant hands, and Supergirl saves her. Then Supergirl returns to normal, and she heads back to the surface, telling Jerro she will consider his proposal. When she reaches the sky, a falling chunk of green Kryptonite appears and she feels pain from it again. Superman returns from the future, and explains that he over-shot his arrival by a few days, and witnessed Mr. Mxyzptlk giving Supergirl her powers magically. That effect has now worn off, and she has returned to normal. He is now ready to announce Supergirl’s presence to the world.


Argo City Reviews: Action Comics #283

“The Six Red K Perils of Supergirl.” Linda Lee has her powers back, thanks to the magic of Mr. Mxyzptlk. But she still cannot reveal them to the world. After fantasizing about telling her parents the truth, she heads to the Fortress of Solitude to be with Superman. But Superman is off to the future to visit the Legion of Super-Heroes, so Supergirl travels into outerspace to relieve her boredom. There she finds six large chunks of Red Kryptonite, which has strange effects on Kryptonian powers. But because of Mr. M, she was immune to Green Kryptonite, so she is not worried about the red. She pushes the six chunks together and then blows them up. However, when she returns to earth to go to a fair with Dick Malverne, she suddenly expands to the size of a large balloon. Realizing she is affected by Red K, she flies up and pretends to be a balloon until the effect wears off. Later, she goes to the movies with Dick, but starts turning into a wolf-girl. She hides from him and has her Linda Robot take over. Finally, she overhears that Dick’s father is dying in the hospital, and then starts shrinking. Realizing that she is small enough to get inside, she shrinks down inside his blood stream and battles the bacteria, saving his life. She returns home, wondering what other effects the six Red K chunks will have on her.


Argo City Reviews: Action Comics #282

“The Supergirl of Tomorrow.” Lesla-Lar waits in Kandor for Linda Lee to fall asleep, so that she can change places with her. But Linda, fretting over losing her powers, stays awake all night. Then in the morning, Superman brings a time machine to Linda. Reasoning that she might have her powers in the future, since she has them in the past, he sends her to the future. There, in an undefined time period far from now, Supergirl discovers that the world has been taken over by an evil dictator, and she frees the people from his thrall. When she returns to her own time, however, she learns that she still has no powers. Superman offers to let her stay in the future so she can keep her powers, but she decides to remain in her own time. She encounters Dick Malverne the next day on the beach, and they agree to see each other again. Then that night, as she prepares to throw out her suit forever, she puts it on one last time, and gets her powers back. She flies up to see Superman, and then they encounter Kryptonite. Strangely, although he is harmed by it, she is not. They are both stumped, but the source of this mischief is revealed to be Mr. Mxyzptlk, who has given her Superman’s powers but not his vulnerability to Kryptonite. Meanwhile, on Kandor, the authorities discover what Lesla has been doing and arrest her.


Argo City Reviews: Action Comics #281

“The secret of the time-barrier.” On earth, Superman takes Lesla-Lar, who is still impersonating Supergirl, to his Fortress of Solitude to prepare for the big “Supergirl announcement.” When they arrive, Krypto notices that she doesn’t smell right. Looking into Kandor, he sees the real Supergirl as Lesla-Lar, and activates Superman’s “exchange ray” to switch them back. When the real Supergirl returns to the Fortress, she hits her head. With her powers again gone, Superman thinks she has amnesia. Later, he arrives to take Supergirl through the time-barrier. When they get to 1692, she has her powers back. Superman leaves Kara in 1692 for a while, and she uses her powers to help the people there, providing water and food to a starving town, repairing damaged rooftops, and providing coal for fires. When she returns to her own time, however, her powers once again fade. As she returns home and heads to sleep, Lesla-Lar prepares to switch places with her again.

Poster contest

The Kara Zor-El Podcast # 36 – Touchy Armor & the WorldKilling Beast

First there were the dinosaurs. Then, the existence of life on other planets. And now, 2014 will mark yet another year of controversy that mankind will debate for centuries to come. The show begins with that same cloud of controversy, as we dissect an email so riddled with facts and blatant Pinkasms (Webster’s Dictionary defines Pinkasms as facts, either fictional or truth, that support the theories and ideas of one Andrew Pinkham), that it will never again let see the light of day after this show.

Following the controversy that shall not be named, we talk comics, the Superman/Supergirl relationship, The Flash TV show, DC Animated movies, and finish it off with reviews of Red Lanterns # 32 and Supergirl # 32. Hosts Danny Saab and Andrew Pinkham.

Email to and tell us who’s your favorite Supergirl and why for your chance to win an amazing Girl of Steel movie poster!!

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Argo City Reviews: Action Comics #280

“Trapped in Kandor.” Supergirl goes about her normal, mundane life as Linda Danvers, regretting that she has lost her powers. Meanwhile, in Kandor, Lesla-Lar, Supergirl’s evil look-alike, decides to swap places with her again. Using her teleportation ray, shrinking ray, and brain washing machine, Lesla brings Linda back to Kandor and returns to Midvale in Linda’s place. Dressing up as Supergirl once again, Lesla collaborates with Lex Luthor to create a Kryptonite Ray to kill Superman. In Kandor, Linda, believing she’s Lesla, watches movies about the history of Krypton, including the history of Supergirl, not knowing she is watching the history of herself. In Midvale, Linda pretends to get her powers back by breathing in vapors from a rock. Superman is suspicious, but glad she can fly again. However, he tells her that since she has her powers back, he will announce her to the world — not realizing that she is not his cousin, and she plans to kill him.


Argo City Reviews: Action Comics #279

“Supergirl’s secret enemy.” As Linda Danvers weeps over losing her super-powers (last issue), a cruel woman named Lesla-Lar, who lives in the miniature Bottle City of Kandor stored at the Fortress of Solitude, becomes jealous of her while watching her on the Kandorian monitors. Linda is finally adopted by the Danvers family, and changes her hairstyle to an older look. But then Lesla-Lar uses a teleport ray to shrink Linda and bring her to Kandor, while also brainwashing Linda into thinking she is Lesla. Then Lesla-Lar puts on a wig and reverses the process, taking Linda’s place on earth. There, she teams up with Lex Luthor and helps him commit crimes, all the while secretly planning to use him for her own purposes. Meanwhile, in Kandor, Linda, believing she is Lesla-Lar, observes the super-crimes and tries to alert the Kandorian police. But Lesla-Lar notices this with her super-vision and uses the teleport ray’s remote control to switch them back. Linda thinks she was just having a nightmare, but back in Kandor, Lesla-Lar continues to plot against her.

Meeting Bryan Q. Miller

The Kara Zor-El Podcast # 35 – The Impromptu Phoenix Comic Con Extravaganza

You can’t get a more impromptu episode then this! This episode is all about the Phoenix Comic Con and the Girl of Steel. Complete recap of my journey through the con, and the juggernaut that is the Girl of Steel. Find out what were the highlights of the con, the low points, and everything in between. We talk about the award winning Girl of Steel, cosplay, panels, podcasting, and the future of the show. Hosts Danny Saab and Andrew Pinkham.

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Argo City Reviews: Action Comics #278

“The Unknown Supergirl.” After quickly using her super-speed to repair the orphanage’s carnival following an overnight storm, Linda Lee receives a message from Superman to follow Krypto. They arrive at an island, on which Superman has a large TV monitor and some broadcasting equipment. There, he tells Supergirl that it is time to reveal her to the world, and that he has had his robots secretly record many of her feats to show the world. Superman and Krypto leave for a mission in another dimension, and he says that when he returns, they will announce her to the world. However, a ring of Kryptonite dust appears around the earth, and to avoid being poisoned, Supergirl dives into the ocean. She returns to her friends Jerro and Lori the merfolk, since the water protects her from the radiation. However, criminals begin to run rampant once they know Superman is not there to stop them. Supergirl uses her super-vision to detect crimes and then finds ways to indirectly stop them, such as using a statue of a sea dragon to trick pirates into surrendering to the Coast Guard. Finally, the ring of Kryptonite disperses and Supergirl returns to the surface. Shortly thereafter, Superman comes back from his other-dimensional journey, and prepares the announcement. But then they discover that Supergirl has lost her powers. Superman promises to investigate and find a way to get her powers back, but until they do, the announcement is put on hold.

Girl of Steel Team

The Desert Hot Girl of Steel & Cosplayers at Phoenix Comic Con 2014

It’s safe to say that I’ve been to more then a dozen comic cons in the past 3 years. That being said, my first time attending Phoenix Comic Con this year was truly an amazing event. It could be partially because of the whole reason I attended the con in the first place, as executive producer representing the Girl of Steel fan film. It was the first time we’ve shown the film in it’s entirely, and the response we got was incredible. The film won for Best Superhero Film. I couldn’t be happier with the job we did, and the amazing people I work with.

Further to that though, and something I couldn’t expect, was the incredible cosplayers that Arizona had to offer. It wasn’t just the complex costumes, or the obscure characters I have never seen done before in cosplay, but simply, the diversity of it all. Although Supergirl cosplayers were few and far between, I was so happy to see so many cosplayers portray characters from Disney films. As a huge fan of the film Frozen, it was apparent I wasn’t the only one as Frozen characters Elsa and Ana were everywhere on the convention floor. It was tricky sometimes just to remember whose pictures I had taken.

All day Saturday was spent taking pictures, and helping to promote the Girl of Steel film we were showing later that day. It was a great sight to see that come film time, the room was packed. And even a greater sight to hear the applause after the film was over. For all those who came out to see the film, and who we got to talk to afterwards during the poster signing, thank you so much for all your support, and your feedback. It was awesome seeing you all there, and hearing what you thought of the film. Saturday also gave me the opportunity to meet Batgirl and Smallville writer Bryan Q. Miller. No lies, it was pretty awesome talking with him, and even having him sign my Batgirl # 1 and Smallville V.1 trade.

Sunday was much more laid back, and started with the awards ceremony. After receiving the award for “Best Superhero Film” for the Girl of Steel, I pretty much spent the afternoon in panels (see, way more laid back).

My time was way to short in Phoenix, but a big part of me was happy to get out of that heat and back to Canadian weather. Seriously, it is crazy hot in Phoenix. Below are some highlights from the con, but you’ll find a lot more on the Facebook page right here.