Argo City Reviews: Action Comics #298

“The super-powers of Lex Luthor.” Superman and the Legion of Super-heroes both try to get through time to Earth, but both are kept out by the barrier erected by Kru-El last issue. Meanwhile, Supergirl is trapped on an island, unable to leave because she turns any animals near her into plants. She uses ventriloquism to convince Lex Luthor to help her, but the prison wardens will not let him out of jail. Then Kru-El arrives at the prison and uses a powered belt to give Lex Kryptonian powers. Lex breaks out and joins the villains, once they agree to free his sister Lena from Kandor. But the villains, after demonstrating their powers, secretly plot to betray Luthor. Lex then uses his intellect to find and collect gold Kryptonite, which the Kryptonian villains hide away in a lead box. Luthor flies off to trick Supergirl into approaching, and the villains then expose both Lex and Supergirl to the gold Kryptonite. The villains then let Superman back to earth, only to expose him to the gold Kryptonite as well. Except Lex, Supergirl, and Superman have been faking it — they all still have their powers, and they use heat vision to destroy most of the Kryptonians’ devices. Supergirl then uses the mind-over-matter machine to send the Kryptonian villains back to the Phantom Zone. Then Luthor returns to jail, after Superman frees Lena from Kandor.


Argo City Reviews: Action Comics #297

“Forbidden weapons of Krypton.” After the events of last issue, Kara struggles to figure out why Lena Thorul has lied to Dick Malverne and claimed to be Supergirl. Unbeknownst to Kara, however, it is not the real Lena Thorul. A flashback reveals that Lesla-Lar, Supergirl’s old nemesis from Kandor, broke out of prison and traded places with Lena. Lesla then uses her scientific knowledge to create a portal to the Phantom Zone, where she recruits the help of three Kryptonian villains – General Zod, Jax-Ur, and Kru-El. After arriving on Earth, Kru-El finds powerful weapons he had made on Krypton, which were buried in Earth’s ocean by Superman. Kru-El uses one of the devices to create a time barrier around earth, preventing Superman from returning from the past and the LSH from coming back from the future. Only Supergirl remains on Earth to thwart their plans. Kru-El then disintegrates Lesal-Lar. Supergirl finally arrives to battle them, but because they are Kryptonian, the fight is a stalemate. Then Kru-El uses another device to give Supergirl a Kryptonian virus. The virus causes animals to turn into plants. Supergirl flees to a desert island so as not to hurt any animals, and with nowhere else to turn, uses super-ventriloquism to beg Lex Luthor for help. Because his sister Lena is trapped in Kandor, Lex agrees to use his scientific knowledge to help Supergirl. But can even Lex and Supergirl together defeat the Kryptonian villains? Only time will tell.


Argo City Reviews: Action Comics #296

“The girl who was supergirl’s double.” A local charity in Midvale holds a costume ball, and Linda Danvers goes as Pocahontas. Her boyfriend, Dick Malverne, goes as Superman. Her good friend Lena Thorul, from last issue, goes as Supergirl. And a local rich girl goes as Cleopatra, wearing real jewels. Two thugs in gas masks hit the party-goers with sleeping gas, planning to steal the jewels, but Linda switches to Supergirl and stops them. One of the guests sees this as he wakes up from the gas and thinks Lena Thorul was really Supergirl. Convinced that this is true, Dick Malverne suddenly dumps Linda and starts hitting on Lena. Dick invites Lena to his house, where his father, a geologist, has stored some lead-encased Kryptonite. Wen she is knocked out by some left-over sleeping gas, Dick thinks the Kryptonite did it, and that this is proof that Lena is really Supergirl. Dick continues to make a play for Lena, and meanwhile, Luthor has the prison guards contact Supergirl and asks her to come to him. Luthor tells Supergirl about artificial diamonds he once created, and offers to let her take them all to charity as long as she gives a few to Lena for her birthday. Supergirl agrees, and takes a few diamonds to Lena. When Dick comes over to visit, he sees Lena digging the diamonds out of a coal bin where she accidentally dropped them, and thinks that, as Supergirl, she crushed coal into diamonds. Lena then “admits” that she is Supergirl.


Argo City Reviews: Action Comics #295

“The girl with the x-ray mind.” Linda Danvers and her friends attend a mind-reading demonstration at their school science club, and they all then volunteer to be tested. A new student, Lena Thorul, gets all the test questions right, but the person testing them pretends she didn’t succeed. Later, Lena warns the Danvers family that Midvale Bridge is going to collapse, and Linda sneaks away as Supergirl to fix it. When they take Lena home, she finds a letter waiting from the FBI – a rejection of her application to work there. Wanting to help her friend, Linda arrives at FBI Headquarters as Supergirl and asks why Lena was rejected. The FBI agents claim there is no record of Lena’s childhood. Supergirl goes back in time to investigate, and discovers that Lena Thorul is actually Lena Luthor, Lex Luthor’s younger sister. Before becoming Superboy’s enemy, young Lex, as a scientist, was investigating a “space brain.” Lena touched it and was given telepathic powers. Supergirl realizes that the FBI will never hire Luthor’s sister, and gives up on her quest. Meanwhile, the man who had tested Lena shows up again and tells her he wants help robbing banks. Lena agrees, and the man’s group, the Bank Busters, who work for Lex, send him a message. Luthor is upset and contacts Supergirl. He tells her that he doesn’t want his sister to end up in jail like he did, and asks Supergirl to save her from a life of crime. Supergirl arrives at the bank to discover Lena seeming to help the robbers, but then she tricks them into releasing tear gas upon themselves and Supergirl swoops in for the capture.


Argo City Reviews: Action Comics #294

“The Mutiny of super-horse.” Supergirl’s super-powered horse, Comet, is about to be taken to Hollywood for a part in a movie. As Linda, she asks for one more ride with Comet, and as they go for a final gallop, they see a broken cable-car falling into a canyon. Together, Supergirl and Comet save the people in the cable car. Then they return, and Comet goes to Hollywood as Linda returns to Midvale. Shortly, however, Supergirl is asked to help the producers of the very movie that stars Comet. Supergirl uses her powers to help with special effects, even though Comet doesn’t really need them. However, Comet seems to develop a very close relationship to the lovely film star Liz Gaynor. Comet stays with Liz eating water-lilies and ignores Supergirl. Later, when Liz takes Comet for a ride and they near quick-sand, Supergirl goes to help them, but loses her powers to some discarded Kryptonite. Comet saves Liz instead of Supergirl. Once the quicksand takes Supergirl under, she gets far enough from the Kryptonite to save herself. Later she tries to communicate with Comet but he seems to ignore her. Upset that her old friend is giving her the cold shoulder, Supergirl asks Superman for advice, and he determines that the water-lilies have memory-altering properties — Comet has amnesia, and doesn’t remember Supergirl or that he’s a super-horse. Supergirl tries to startle his memory back by switching quickly between her identities but it only serves to scare him. Thus, it seems that Supergirl has lost her friend Comet for good.


Argo City Reviews: Action Comics #293

“The secret origin of Supergirl’s super-horse.” Continuing the story from last issue, Linda Danvers helps the hands at the Supergirl Dude Ranch brand and shoe the wild horse, who she has named Comet. After doing so, Linda takes him for a ride, and the two begin to communicate telepathically. Comet admits that he is the one who gave Supergirl dreams of a super-horse in the last issue, with his telepathy. Comet explains that he was once a centaur named Biron, who fell in love with Circe. She tried to give him a potion to turn him completely human, but the evil wizard Maldor cursed the potion and it turned Biron into a horse. Blaming herself, Circe gave Biron another potion that provided him with super-powers, to make up for turning him into a horse. Maldor then cast a spell on Biron that banished him to an asteroid in the Saggitarius constellation. There, Biron lived for centuries until Supergirl’s rocket came by. Its repeller rays broke him out of his imprisonment, and he followed Supergirl back to earth. He then contacted Supergirl telepathically so he could meet her. Later, Linda rides Comet in a rodeo, which he wins with his super-powers. Then, aliens attack earth, and Comet helps Supergirl fight them. When she gets back to the dude ranch, however, a movie producer is waiting to buy Comet and put him into the movies.


Argo City Reviews: Action Comics #292

“The super-steed of Steel.” After Linda Danvers watches a western with a fabulous horse, she begins having a series of dreams about owning a horse of her own — one with super-powers. First, she dreams that she is trying to fight off an alien invasion, but that the invaders hit her with Kryptonite. A super-powered white horse flies up and rescues her, and then kicks the aliens back into space. Next she dreams that a submarine has sunk, and the horse, whom she now calls “Comet,” swims down and rescues the sailors. Finally, she dreams that Streaky and Krypto fly into the past, and find a super-horse who rescues an American ship from a Kamikaze attack. Later, when her parents take her on vacation to the “Supergirl Dude Ranch,” she encounters a real white horse that no one else can tame, but he lets her ride him. The horse exhibits supernatural jumping ability, making Supergirl believe he is her dream horse… but where did he come from?


Argo City Reviews: Action Comics #291

“The bride of Mr. Mxyzptlk.” Linda Danvers and her adoptive parents visit her old orphanage in┬áMidvale, and bring gifts for the children. Linda is quite happy with her foster family, and they adore her. But Mr. Mxyzptlk sees this, and decides to have some “fun.” First, he turns the pilots of an airplane into Bizarros, and Supergirl has to trick them into rescuing themselves. Then Mxyzptlk turns an entire town into Bizarros, and Supergirl uses cheerleading to try and trick him into saying his name backwards, but he catches on and doesn’t fall for it. Next, Supergirl tries a “mind control helmet,” but Mxyzptlk’s 5th-dimensional magic is too strong to be affected by it. Mxyzptlk, however, falls for Supergirl, and asks her to marry him. When she refuses, he tempts her by bringing her birth parents – Zor-El and Alura — back to life. Torn between her birth and adoptive parents, Supergirl ends up going with Zor-El and Alura to the Fortress of Solitude. There, Zor-El mixes some punch for the wedding. Supergirl and Mxyzptlk visit the justice of the peace, but Zor-El insists that they share the punch. It turns out the punch is Kryptonian Truth Serum, and when Mxyzptlk drinks it, Zor-El demands that he recite his name backwards, and he is trapped. Zor-El and Alura, no longer able to exist without Mxyzptlk’s magic, vanish, and Kara returns to her adoptive parents.


Argo City Reviews: Action Comics #290

“Supergirl’s super boy-friends.” Linda Danvers is at home, when she is visited by Phantom Girl from the future. Phantom Girl gives her a Supergirl action figure to go with the other LSH figures Linda already owns. However, the figure turns out to be made of Red Kryptonite, which has unpredictable effects. This time, the Red K gives Linda a “Kryptonite Kiss” which bestows powers on normal humans. She kisses her foster mother, then boyfriend Dick Malverne, and then mer-man and ex-boyfriend Jerro before realizing what is happening. All three then develop super-powers equal to Supergirl’s. Eventually, Dick Malverne and Jerro meet while flying and use their frost-breath to freeze a tsunami and save people. Supergirl congratulates them but warns them to be careful, as their powers could fade at any time. They don’t listen, and while flying over a volcano, their powers fade. Before she can rescue them, a team of mini-Supergirls saves the day. The mini-Supergirls are part of her fan club from Kandor, pitching in to help out. With their powers gone, Jerro returns home to Atlantis and Supergirl brings Dick back to Midvale. Then she uses lead paint to cover up the Red K figure so that it can never affect her or Superman again.


Argo City Reviews: Action Comics #289

“Superman’s Super-Courtship.” Linda Danvers watches a sad movie with her parents, and cries when she realizes that the young man in the film has lost his chance at true love. She decides not to let that happen to Superman, so she decides, against the advice of her parents, to find him a suitable match. First, she asks Superman to fly into the past with her and tries to have him impress Helen of Troy. But a Trojan villain, worried that Superman will foil his plans, releases some monsters into the crowd, and Supergirl comes to the rescue. Everyone fawns over her, angering Helen, who asks them to leave and never return. Next, Supergirl decides that Saturn Girl, after growing up, would make a good match, so she convinces Superman to fly into the future, purposely arriving ten years later than they normally do. There she uses some mistletoe to get the two of them kissing, only to discover that Saturn Woman is married to Lightning Man. Chastened, she returns to the Fortress of Solitude with Superman and admits what she has been doing. Superman vows never to marry unless he finds someone both super and lovable like Supergirl, but of course it can’t be her, because Kryptonians do not allow cousins to marry. Supergirl then scans the universe until she finds a super-powered girl just like her on the planet Staryl, and convinces Superman to go meet her. The two fall in love and decide to get married, but when they return to earth, they discover that Luma Lynai, the girl from Staryl, can’t survive under a yellow sun. Superman and Luma part tearfully. Supergirl finally vows to stop interfering in Superman’s love life.