Argo City Reviews: Action Comics #272

“The second Supergirl.” Frustrated by being unable to reveal herself to earth until she has “proven” herself, Supergirl heads to the Fortress of Solitude, where she and Superman use the computer to search for another earth-like world. Supergirl intends to use her powers there, thus proving herself worthy, and then Superman will allow her to reveal herself on earth. When she arrives on “Terra,” the second earth, she finds it very similar to our world, but with cosmetic differences. When a “tiger-rabbit” gets free in a zoo, Linda observes Marvel Maid, her double, helping the people. As Supergirl, she follows Marvel Maid to her orbiting Fortress of Solitude and introduces herself. Then Marvel Maid’s computer detects a disaster on a far-off world, and Supergirl offers to take her place while Marvel Maid leaves Terra to help out. With an “MM” on her chest, Supergirl goes on patrol and attempts to use X-Ray vision to melt a glacier that is about to sink a ship, but it turns out to be a “salt” glacier and bursts into flame. She is assisted by Marvel Man, who is Marvel Maid’s cousin. Like Supergirl, Marvel Man is in disguise until he can prove himself. Later, when a meteor crashes into the Fortress and causes it to fall to earth, Supergirl suggests Marvel Man should stop it, so that he can prove himself. To distract nearby farmers, she crushes coal into a diamond, but this turns out to be a bad thing — diamonds are banned on Terra because they are poisonous to Marvel Maid. Weakened by the diamonds, Marvel Man is unable to save the Fortress, and it crashes. Supergirl has made a mess of things, and now she has to figure out how to put them right again.


April is the Month of Supergirl

The month of April is a great time to be a Supergirl fan. Not only do we get Kara in Supergirl # 30 (April 16), but also in Red Lanterns # 30 (April 23), Secret Origins (April 23), and Justice League United # 0 (April 23). Below are the official solicits for Supergirl # 30, Secret Origins, and Justice League United # 0. You can check out the solicit for Red Lanterns # 30 right here. It seems that Supergirl will at least be part of issue # 0 of JLU, but not to certain how that will mix with her Red Daughter of Krypton storyline. But then again, you never know with DC Comics. Make sure to keep listening to the Kara Zor-EL Podcast for reviews of each of these books.


Argo City Reviews: Action Comics #271

“Supergirl’s fortress of solitude.” Linda Danvers speculates on why her pet Streaky sometimes has super powers and sometimes does not. As she ponders this, she realizes she could use a place to be alone, and decides to build her own Fortress of Solitude in the desert. When Streaky’s powers return, Supergirl even brings him there to play. However, after she returns to the orphanage, several archeologists find her Fortress and discover her presence, including her secret ID. They agree to hypnotize each other to forget, but one of them does not go along. Instead, he and his wife, knowing who she is, adopt Linda. Then they trick her into helping them get rich, until she figures out what they are up to. After that, they blackmail her, threatening to reveal her presence if she does not do as they ask. In the end, Streaky saves the day. With powers once more, he seeks out Linda so they can play, and he uses his X-ray vision on the blackmailers. The rays give them amnesia, and they forget about the Supergirl secret. Linda returns to the orphanage, and later, with Superman, destroys her fortress so this can never happen again.


Supergirl & The Bloody Traces Of Stargirl

After the successes of the Supergirl Underwater Fan Films Supergirl in the Watery Trap, and Supergirl: Endurance, Jonathan Rios, and WON-TV YouTube Network/Jimbo-Fail Exchange Productions, give us another Supergirl film that pits Supergirl in what could be her toughest battle yet, a blood thirsty Stargirl. The film stars Jac LeDoux as Supergirl and Lauren Kisner as Stargirl (a fictional type of Supergirl character but has more weakness than Supergirl) and Amy Christine as U.S Military federal Agent Melissa Bennett. Here’s the official storyline behind Supergirl & The Bloody Traces Of Stargirl.


Argo City Reviews: Action Comics #270

“Supergirl’s busiest day.” Linda Danvers helps her friend, Frank Cullen, impress a potential adoptive father on the golf course, leading to Frank being adopted. However, she soon becomes immersed in one difficult case after another, as things seem to go wrong all over the world, while Superman is off-planet. First, an alien ship tries to capture Krypto, and Supergirl has to free him.  Next, Lori, the mermaid Supergirl met last issue, calls for help from an evil merman named Malo, who is threatening Atlantis.  Supergirl tricks him into scaring some squid, causing them to ink the area. In the confusion, she swaps Malo’s magic trident for a fake one.  Then, shortly after returning to the orphanage, she hears a radio report of a cave-in at the Batcave, which has trapped Batman and Robin.  She flies off to save them, using super-pressure to fix the walls. Finally, Superman summons Supergirl to the Fortress of Solitude, where he gives her two surprises. First, he provides a hollowed-out lipstick case, which Supergirl can use to hide her costume (after super-compressing it).  Second, he brings out a birthday cake to celebrate her sixteenth birthday, and they are joined by Batman, Robin, and Lori the Mermaid. All the “disasters” turn out to have been staged, to celebrate Kara’s birthday. Even the bottle city of Kandor celebrates. They end by singing happy birthday to Supergirl.


Argo City Reviews: Action Comics #269

“Supergirl’s first romance.” Linda Lee stays at the orphanage while several of the kids and the headmistress head out on a fishing trip. However, a storm blows up, and puts them in danger. Seeing this with her super-vision, Linda changes into her costume and flies to the rescue. Still unable to show herself in public, she dives under water and uses her powers to push a Coast Guard cutter onto the scene. The kids are rescued before their ship sinks. While underwater, however, Supergirl receives a telepathic message from the mer-people of Atlantis, and she flies off to meet them. Because they are telepathic, they already know about her existence. The mer-people ask her to help them destroy an old cache of weapons, and a merboy named Jerro accompanies her. Supergirl destroys the weapons using her super-powers, and soon starts to develop a crush on Jerro. She stays with the mer-people for a little while, learning about their culture and their admiration for superheroes like herself and Superman. However, after a race in her honor, Jerro and Supergirl share a kiss, and she starts to fall in love with him. Then she realizes that, due to their telepathy, the Atlanteans can hear her thoughts about him, and, embarrassed, she flies away, returning to Midvale and the orphanage.

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The Kara Zor-El Podcast # 31 – Supergirl Fans Assemble!

Supergirl Fans Assemble in the Kara Zor-El Podcast # 31! Andrew and I are joined with guests SHP writers Steven Viscido and Stephen Vaughn on this episode to talk all about the New 52 Supergirl. We talk all about the H’El on Earth, Return to Krypton, and Red Daughter of Krypton events, Supergirl meetings with Power Girl, Superman, Superboy, and more. We bring up the tough questions of what Supergirl fans have been asking, and what we all want to see in this series.

We look at the beginning of the New 52 Supergirl series up to now, and everything in between. We speculate what could have made this series better, and where to go from now. Over 2 hours of nothing but Supergirl talk!

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Girl of Steel Prequel – Behind the Scenes

Supergirl to me has always been a character I’ve been passionate about. That’s one of the reasons I started this site and the Kara Zor-El Podcast. To give her a voice, and to get people to understand what an amazing and deep character she is. So you can imagine, being such a huge fan and loving this character so much, how it felt to be on set during the filming of an actual Supergirl film, the Girl of Steel.

I didn’t know what to expect when I got to L.A. for the filming of the Girl of Steel prequel, but being “excited” to be seeing this film being produced first hand would be an understatement. After seeing the quality and passion of the initial Girl of Steel film, I knew what director Vincent Tran, Sarah McCreanor, and the rest of the cast and crew were capable of, and that’s telling a great and emotional story.

What people who don’t know Supergirl fail to understand is that she’s not just Superman’s cousin, or a Kryptonian with special powers, she’s a girl trying to find her way in the universe. Someone who’s lost, misguided at times, and alone. But despite all these feelings, she overcomes them to be a stronger force for good, and it’s that internal conflict that makes Kara Zor-El such an endearing, emotional, and complex character.


Argo City Reviews: Action Comics #268

“The Mystery Supergirl.” Linda Lee takes a summer internship position as a junior reporter for Perry White of the Daily Planet. While she’s there, the Planet begins tracking a story of a “Supergirl” who looks a lot like the real thing. Linda is shocked. How can this Supergirl be openly rescuing people when Linda is Supergirl, and didn’t do any such thing? She checks on her Linda Robot, but it has remained locked inside its tree. As the feats continue and the news rolls in, Linda suspects that perhaps she is somehow doing these things without knowing it. She locks herself in a vault, but the mysterious Supergirl keeps rescuing people. Finally, this Supergirl comes to the Planet for an interview, and Linda, suspecting a fraud, carries in a fake Kryptonite meteor. Mystery Supergirl acts like she is harmed, but when Linda reveals it is just a cardboard mock-up with green paint, everyone realizes that this Supergirl is a fake. She turns out to be a stunt-woman hired to do PR for a new movie about a fictional “Supergirl.” All the “rescues” were staged for publicity purposes, done with special effects. The story ends with Linda and her friends watching the Supergirl movie, and the friends speculating on what it would be like if there really were a Supergirl on earth.


Argo City Reviews: Action Comics #267

“The Three Super-Heroes.” Linda Lee’s class trip to the “Superman Fair” in Metropolis hits a snag when they have to stop for a slow ship moving under a draw-bridge. Linda changes to Supergirl and goes underwater to move the ship by quickly, enabling her friends to make it to the fair. There, three times, Linda Lee is put into danger that would not harm her, but would reveal her secret identity. Each time, a teenager with powers saves her and lets her know that her secret as Supergirl is safe. Back at the orphanage, the three teenagers again protect the Linda Lee robot from being discovered, and Supergirl finally demands an explanation. They tell her they are members of the Legion of Super-Heroes, and invite her to the future to apply to their academy. However, when Supergirl digs a tunnel through the earth to demonstrate her powers, she inadvertantly comes near some Red Kryptonite, which ages her to a woman. Now older than the 18 year limit on Legionnaires, she can’t be allowed in. She returns to her own time, and after a little while, returns to her normal age of fifteen.