Argo City Reviews: Action Comics #289

“Superman’s Super-Courtship.” Linda Danvers watches a sad movie with her parents, and cries when she realizes that the young man in the film has lost his chance at true love. She decides not to let that happen to Superman, so she decides, against the advice of her parents, to find him a suitable match. First, she asks Superman to fly into the past with her and tries to have him impress Helen of Troy. But a Trojan villain, worried that Superman will foil his plans, releases some monsters into the crowd, and Supergirl comes to the rescue. Everyone fawns over her, angering Helen, who asks them to leave and never return. Next, Supergirl decides that Saturn Girl, after growing up, would make a good match, so she convinces Superman to fly into the future, purposely arriving ten years later than they normally do. There she uses some mistletoe to get the two of them kissing, only to discover that Saturn Woman is married to Lightning Man. Chastened, she returns to the Fortress of Solitude with Superman and admits what she has been doing. Superman vows never to marry unless he finds someone both super and lovable like Supergirl, but of course it can’t be her, because Kryptonians do not allow cousins to marry. Supergirl then scans the universe until she finds a super-powered girl just like her on the planet Staryl, and convinces Superman to go meet her. The two fall in love and decide to get married, but when they return to earth, they discover that Luma Lynai, the girl from Staryl, can’t survive under a yellow sun. Superman and Luma part tearfully. Supergirl finally vows to stop interfering in Superman’s love life.


Argo City Reviews: Action Comics #288

“The man who made Supergirl cry.” Linda Danvers works at super-speed to create anniversary presents for her foster parents, but their celebration is interrupted by a man wearing a sling and asking for aid. He turns out to be an escaped criminal, and he threatens Linda’s family with a shotgun. But Linda, being Supergirl, foils his plans. After she and her mother leave the house, Mr. Danvers is contacted telepathically and mind-controlled to make Linda cry. He starts by smashing her trophy case, claiming the wind did it. He wipes up her tears with a handkerchief, and then, under the strange voices’ orders, he places the wet rag into a sealed jar. Next he places a space jewel given to her by Superman under her pillow, and it gives her nightmares about Argo City. Coming to her after she starts crying, Mr. Danvers again wipes the tears and preserves the rag. Finally, he tells her that the hospital called to say her foster mother died, but before she can react, Mrs. Danvers comes home. Supergirl cries tears of joy, which Mr. Danvers also captures. Finally, the voices direct him, in his basement lab, to mix the tears with chemicals. This will open a portal to the Phantom Zone, allowing the villain Jax-Ur and others (who have been controlling him all along) to escape. Still under their hypnosis, Mr. Danvers does this, but the criminals are cowards, so they force Mon-El, who was friends with Superboy, to go first. Mon-El, being super powered but not Kryptoian, is vulnerable to lead. He flies into the ocean, seemingly to hide from the lead. Meanwhile, Supergirl returns, but Jax-Ur and the villains have her father captive, and threaten to kill him unless she cries enough tears to free the entire population of the Phantom Zone. But then Mon-El returns carrying Kryptonite and threatens Jax-Ur and the villains with it. They return to the Zone, as does Mon-El, who goes back so that he does not get lead poisoning.


Argo City Reviews: Action Comics #287

“Supergirl’s Greatest Challenge.” Linda Danvers is invited to join a Superman Fan Club, which is then addressed by Lois Lane. After Linda returns home from the club, her father tells her that some forest rangers are about to detonate a tree stump near Supergirl’s exit from their basement, so she flies into the clouds and uses her powers to make it seem like lightning hit and destroyed the stump, making the detonation unnecessary. Returning home, Supergirl notices an alert from the Legion of Super-Heroes, and flies into the future to help them. A positive man is attacking planets and destroying them. Supergirl finds its opposite, a negative monster, and lures them together, causing both to vanish. When they return to earth, however, the Legionnaires have lost their powers – presumably from the radiation given off by the monsters’ collision. Supergirl then uses her powers to help the people of the future until the Legionnaires get their powers back. But then she learns that they are not the true Legionnaires, but chameleon men who seek to replace the LSH. They trap Kara and a telepathic cat descended from her pet Streaky in the Phantom Zone, but the cat uses his telepathy to enlist the help of a man who creates androids. One of the androids sneaks into the LSH base and uses the instruments to return Kara to earth. She then captures the chameleon creatures, and rescues the real Legionnaires, who had been trapped on an alien planet. Supergirl then returns to her own time, where she is greeted by Streaky.


Argo City Reviews: Action Comics #286

“The Death of Luthor.” Linda Danvers spends a quiet evening at home with her parents and her boyfriend, Dick Malverne. Meanwhile, in prison, Lex Luthor uses his scientific genius to create an invisibility serum, and escapes. Rejoining his gang, Luthor decides to go on a crime spree, but first he wants to get rid of Supergirl. Believing she is a robot, he tries to destroy her with a canon, but she is unharmed and smashes it. Later, Luthor stages a bank robbery using a shrinking ray to shrink the bank and take the entire building, and when Supergirl tries to stop him, he stages a runaway baby carriage. When Supergirl tries to help the “baby,” it turns out to be a midget, who then hurls Kryptonite at her. Supergirl washes the Kryptonite away with water from a fire hydrant, but not before the crooks escape. Supergirl gives chase, and Luthor tries to fire a radioactive blast at her, but the car hits a bump and he fires it at himself. Luthor is dying, but Supergirl does not want him to escape the life of punishment he deserves. Supergirl goes underwater to get some “Element Z” from her Atlantean friends, and into outer space where she finds “another element” she needs. Returning to earth, she combines the elements into fibers and wraps Luthor in them, bringing him back to life. Luthor, instead of being grateful, is outraged. He is taken back to prison while stating that he hates Supergirl even more than he hates her cousin.


The Kara Zor-El Podcast # 37 – Red Ring of Death

A few days late, and without a minute to spare, I give you the incrompable episode # 37 of the Kara Zor-El Podcast. Complete with an exciting review of Supergirl #33, Andrew and I bring you the top news and highlights from San Diego Comic Con 2014, our upcoming trip to Boston Comic Con, as well as comic book and TV news from around the web. Sit back, relax, and get ready for an adventure. Hosts Danny Saab and Andrew Pinkham.

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Argo City Reviews: Action Comics #285

“World’s Greatest Heroine, part 1.” Superman finally decides to reveal Supergirl’s presence to the world. He tells her that they will inform her parents at night, and then inform the public. But on a trip to Metropolis that afternoon, a bridge collapses, and Linda has to save her parents and their car. Superman arrives, saying that he witnessed the whole thing, and understands that Linda had no choice. He then explains the situation to Mr. and Mrs. Danvers. After Supergirl digs a tunnel from their basement to the nearby woods to protect her comings and goings, she and Superman go on television and announce that Supergirl is here among us. People across earth, on Kandor, and even other planets, celebrate with her. Then Superman leaves for the future, telling Supergirl she is in charge.

“Part 2, the Infinite Monster.” Scientists try to contact another world, and accidentally open a portal to another dimension. A giant creature arrives and starts smashing things. Linda hears about this on the radio, so she ditches her date, Dick Malverne, and rushes off to stop the creature. However, despite her powers, it foils her attempts to halt it. People begin to doubt that Supergirl is competent to take her cousin’s place. Then Supergirl sends a note in a rocket to the 30th century, asking for help. Brainiac 5 uses his ancestor’s knowledge of shrink-rays to send Supergirl a shirnking ray, which she uses to miniaturize the Infinite Monster. The world praises her for her resourcefulness, and she is showered with gifts. When Superman returns, he gives Kara her own wing in his fortress to store her treasures.


Argo City Reviews: Action Comics #284

“The Strange Bodies of Supergirl.” Supergirl remains under influence of last issue’s Red Kryptonite encounter. With three reamining effects to go, she decides to pass the time by going back to the fair. There, she sees the freak show, and then grows a second head. With one Linda head and one Supergirl head, Supergirl is invited to join the freak show, but she leaves the fair and flies away where no one can see her. She notices a bomber accidentally dropping an H-bomb, and she flies it away where it can’t harm anyone. Then the second head disappears, and Linda returns home. There, she suddenly develops “fatal vision,” killing her pet goldfish, her adoptive parents, and even Krypto. She flies into space to get away from people, and encounters alien monsters, which attack her. She uses her fatal vision to destroy them, but then wakes up, and realizes the whole event was just a Red K hallucination. The last Red K event happens when Supergirl blows rain-clouds to an area experiencing drought, but then turns into a mer-maid. She flies back to her friends Lori and Jerro in Atlantis, where Jerro asks her to marry him, upsetting Lori’s sister Lenora, who is also in love with Jerro. Lenora swims away, only to be caught in a field of giant hands, and Supergirl saves her. Then Supergirl returns to normal, and she heads back to the surface, telling Jerro she will consider his proposal. When she reaches the sky, a falling chunk of green Kryptonite appears and she feels pain from it again. Superman returns from the future, and explains that he over-shot his arrival by a few days, and witnessed Mr. Mxyzptlk giving Supergirl her powers magically. That effect has now worn off, and she has returned to normal. He is now ready to announce Supergirl’s presence to the world.


Argo City Reviews: Action Comics #283

“The Six Red K Perils of Supergirl.” Linda Lee has her powers back, thanks to the magic of Mr. Mxyzptlk. But she still cannot reveal them to the world. After fantasizing about telling her parents the truth, she heads to the Fortress of Solitude to be with Superman. But Superman is off to the future to visit the Legion of Super-Heroes, so Supergirl travels into outerspace to relieve her boredom. There she finds six large chunks of Red Kryptonite, which has strange effects on Kryptonian powers. But because of Mr. M, she was immune to Green Kryptonite, so she is not worried about the red. She pushes the six chunks together and then blows them up. However, when she returns to earth to go to a fair with Dick Malverne, she suddenly expands to the size of a large balloon. Realizing she is affected by Red K, she flies up and pretends to be a balloon until the effect wears off. Later, she goes to the movies with Dick, but starts turning into a wolf-girl. She hides from him and has her Linda Robot take over. Finally, she overhears that Dick’s father is dying in the hospital, and then starts shrinking. Realizing that she is small enough to get inside, she shrinks down inside his blood stream and battles the bacteria, saving his life. She returns home, wondering what other effects the six Red K chunks will have on her.


Argo City Reviews: Action Comics #282

“The Supergirl of Tomorrow.” Lesla-Lar waits in Kandor for Linda Lee to fall asleep, so that she can change places with her. But Linda, fretting over losing her powers, stays awake all night. Then in the morning, Superman brings a time machine to Linda. Reasoning that she might have her powers in the future, since she has them in the past, he sends her to the future. There, in an undefined time period far from now, Supergirl discovers that the world has been taken over by an evil dictator, and she frees the people from his thrall. When she returns to her own time, however, she learns that she still has no powers. Superman offers to let her stay in the future so she can keep her powers, but she decides to remain in her own time. She encounters Dick Malverne the next day on the beach, and they agree to see each other again. Then that night, as she prepares to throw out her suit forever, she puts it on one last time, and gets her powers back. She flies up to see Superman, and then they encounter Kryptonite. Strangely, although he is harmed by it, she is not. They are both stumped, but the source of this mischief is revealed to be Mr. Mxyzptlk, who has given her Superman’s powers but not his vulnerability to Kryptonite. Meanwhile, on Kandor, the authorities discover what Lesla has been doing and arrest her.


Argo City Reviews: Action Comics #281

“The secret of the time-barrier.” On earth, Superman takes Lesla-Lar, who is still impersonating Supergirl, to his Fortress of Solitude to prepare for the big “Supergirl announcement.” When they arrive, Krypto notices that she doesn’t smell right. Looking into Kandor, he sees the real Supergirl as Lesla-Lar, and activates Superman’s “exchange ray” to switch them back. When the real Supergirl returns to the Fortress, she hits her head. With her powers again gone, Superman thinks she has amnesia. Later, he arrives to take Supergirl through the time-barrier. When they get to 1692, she has her powers back. Superman leaves Kara in 1692 for a while, and she uses her powers to help the people there, providing water and food to a starving town, repairing damaged rooftops, and providing coal for fires. When she returns to her own time, however, her powers once again fade. As she returns home and heads to sleep, Lesla-Lar prepares to switch places with her again.